Dogwatch, a series of large structural works placing figures in arenas made of cor-ten steel, stainless, copper and bronze. The arenas are like traps with taunt cables and huge hinges which kept them together. Research for this took place at heavy weight wrestling matches. “I attended many of these – they were filled with macho bravado, brutal violence, heads were battered with chairs, ring posts and so on – along with an adoring crowd of fans, shrieking in pleasure. This was another microcosm of the brutal, oppressive system we lived under.“

In the works built-in lights illuminate the individual components, playing a transforming role at night.  These were exhibited in 1991 at the Goodman Gallery in Johannesburg. The largest of this series now stands on a farm in the Tstsikama area, much enjoyed by the horses who scratch their backs on the steel.